Save Energy and money with GIBBAR Technology's
Insulated Wall systems for concrete walls, panels,
floors and decks

Gibbar Technology, Inc. offers four insulated, high performance whole wall systems. This is a new patent and revolutionary technology for a world, and an industry, desperately seeking ways to save energy.

Each wall system is simple to fabricate and install. Improve project schedules, labor efficiency, and customer satisfaction—both residential and commercial—with GibbarWALL Building Systems.

At last, you can provide a strong, lightweight, insulated concrete panel with exceptional R-value and easy installation.

Versatile Technology

Our patented multiple layer polymer foam and concrete systems can be used for concrete walls, panels, floors, and decks. This technology is suitable for all types of buildings. We have systems that are excellent for tilt-up construction, are stackable, and can be poured in place on-site or fabricated off-site. No matter which system you choose, you will be supplying your client with outstanding energy efficiency that inherently lowers heating and cooling costs for the life of the building. In addition to saving energy, our wall systems provide enhanced acoustics and exceptional strength.

DOE Recognizes the Energy Efficiency of Our Walls

The GibbarWALL Building Systems are based on patented technology that integrates concrete, steel, rigid insulation, and other components into a single panel casting. Our ingenious engineering maximizes the attributes of each wall component. These refinements have led to awards by the Department of Energy and the Society of Professional Engineers. Our designs meet the demands of the highest ranking category for energy efficiency as designated by whole wall testing for energy saving potential conducted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Testimonial: National Institute of Standards and Technology

GibbarWALL Building Systems has been tested and evaluated by independent laboratories for structural strength, energy efficiency, and earthquake engineering. In a six-month evaluation of the wall system, experts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology recommended the wall system to the Department of Energy as worthy of government support: “The invention is a method for constructing load bearing and/or non-load bearing reinforced concrete walls in commercial and light industrial buildings. The method produces highly insulated walls with excellent structural strength and with good potential to adapt to earthquake engineering requirements. . . We believe the system has considerable potential to save energy.”