About Us


James Gibbar has devoted his life to the design and construction of attractive, safe, and energy-efficient structures. He is a true entrepreneur and has created various companies dedicated to building quality residential and commercial facilities — Gibbar Construction

James and Faye Gibbar
Company, Industrial Foam, GIBBAR WALL Building Systems, and now Gibbar Technology. With experience building schools, shopping centers, nursing homes, grocery stores, warehouses, and residential homes, Gibbar turned his talents to the invention of the GibbarWALL Building Systems.

"I was looking for the same thing everyone else has always wanted in our industry — a system that costs less, is faster and easier to construct, is easy to manage and maintain, and saves energy," Gibbar says. "I needed structural strength with permanent and stable insulation, more R-value, and more energy efficiency. I wanted a system that was both ready and able to accept various interior and exterior finishes. I was looking for a major construction breakthrough, and through the grace of God, I found it with these wall systems."

It is the hope of Gibbar Technology that our inventions will make a difference in people's lives: efficient and economical homes that provide more comfort, growing businesses that save money and energy, and safe structures that withstand natural disasters.