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GibbarWALL Building Systems in Action

This video shows the actual construction of a warehouse using the GibbarWALL Stacked Panel System. Panels are poured off-site, delivered to the site, tilted up, and stacked in place. The final structure enjoys the energy efficiency and cost savings of 30-R insulated walls.

Advantages of the GibbarWALL Building Systems include:

  • Saves energy—buildings using this technology have documented energy savings between 50–75%.
  • Eliminates expenditure for additional insulation of walls and enables you to downsize HVAC requirement.
  • Is nationally recognized for its energy efficiency.
  • Saves labor and material costs—requires fewer workers to install and integrated forming system uses up to 40% less concrete and less rebar.
  • Saves time—the GibbarWALL Building Systems can be erected in half the time normally required to pour concrete walls in commercial buildings. Perimeter forming method reduces costs and requires fewer wood forms and bracing. Can be lifted and installed in 24 hours after pouring (with the correct concrete design mix).
  • Easy to erect—you can handle smaller panels with a forklift or other on-site equipment.
  • Is laboratory and field tested. Meets requirements for all seismic zones, above and below grade.
  • Meets all building code requirements for fire and earthquake-resistance.
  • Offers greater safety in cases of natural disasters such as earthquakes.
  • Reduces sound transfer, making it an excellent choice for cinemas, entertainment facilities, medical centers, office buildings, and multi-family structures.
  • For use in commercial, industrial, and residential construction.
  • Resistant to the damaging effect of water (rot, mildew, mold, stains, frost).
  • Requires no special tooling.
  • Uses standard weight concrete with ¾-inch aggregate or customize for special finishes.
  • Can be cast on-site or at a pre-cast facility.
  • Utilities can be easily and quickly installed after the panels are installed.