Awards for Energy Efficiency and Structural Design

Gibbar Technology's insulated wall systems have earned a number of industry and governmental awards, which recognize innovations that can help save energy, create safe and durable structures, and improve the lives of people.

  • The United States Department of Energy officially honored our system for “distinguished contribution to our nation’s energy efficiency.” The agency presented GibbarWALL Building Systems with the coveted Energy Innovation Award of America for its advancements in major building construction wall systems. All of our high-performance wall systems are based on this award-winning patented technology.

  • The Missouri Division of Energy presented GibbarWALL Building Systems with the Missouri Energy Innovation Award for distinguished contribution to the state’s Energy Efficiency Awareness program. The award recognizes the advancements made in engineering our highly insulated, energy-efficient wall systems.

  • The Missouri Society of Professional Engineers examined the engineering principles and ingenuity of the use of the GibbarWALL Building Systems. The society determined the wall systems were worthy of recognition based on their functionality, safety, appearance, packaging, and overall contribution to building.