GibbarWall Sandwich panel system

Delivering Strength, Energy Efficiency, and Economy

Construct the GibbarWALL Building Systems anywhere, in any weather.

Build Through the Winter

The rough structural shell is fully insulated allowing work to progress even in sub-zero weather. Interior floors are being poured through roof penetrations in this photo.

Through study, research, testing, and real-world work, we have developed a technology that will rival all other sandwich panel configurations. The GibbarWALL Sandwich Panel System was developed to create a strong, lightweight, insulated panel using standard weight concrete. Three layers combine to create this “insulated sandwich” panel. This panel uses less reinforcing steel, requires up to 40% less concrete, and retains sufficient strength for all seismic zones. It uses less labor to construct and can be used both above and below grade.

The lightweight design of the GibbarWALL Sandwich Panel reduces the weight of the panel while retaining the strength required for the structure. Our panel meets structural requirements and improves energy efficiency without adding additional cost or wasting resources such as steel, concrete, and labor. The GibbarWALL Sandwich Panel gives you greater advantages in the management of costly resources while delivering strength, efficiency, and economy to your project.

Maximum R-value

In 1990, the Department of Energy presented an Energy Innovation Award to INDUSTRIAL FOAM, the inventors of the GibbarWALL Sandwich Panel technology, for its distinguished contribution to our nation’s energy efficiency. All of our panel systems have their roots in this award-winning technology.

By refining the use of concrete and steel and modifying the shape of the rigid insulation board an ingenious design was born. The patent maximizes the use of all wall components resulting in average R-values of 30. These panel designs eliminate nearly all thermal bridging.

Panel Connectors

We use ties to develop greater stiffness in the panel assembly. The GibbarWALL Sandwich Panel uses up to 75% fewer ties than comparable systems— this is a great labor saver.

Lessons Learned

As much as 30% of the reinforcing steel used in traditional “solid panels” supplements the strength of the panel during the lifting of the panel. Following the panel erection, the “extra” steel may serve no valuable purpose. In some applications, as much as 40% of the concrete in the panel offers limited structural, thermal, or acoustic value. Engineering has learned how to use the components of the sandwich panel more efficiently to benefit the builder and the building owner. The GibbarWALL Sandwich Panel technology helps you deliver your building in less time, at a lower cost, and with lasting long-term energy efficiency.

It is excellent for use in structures that require additional security such as prisons, yet want to take advantage of extraordinary energy savings.