GibbarWall Stacked panel system

A strong insulated panel for big jobs

Pour flat then tilt up.The GibbarWALL Stacked Panel System allows you to more easily—and more economically—control the temperatures in multistoried facilities such as warehouses, medical centers, shopping centers, and office buildings.

You erect the metal frame for the building. Then either create the GibbarWALL Foam Panels on-site or at a pre-cast facility and ship to the project site. Lift the panels in place and attach to beams. They are stackable and fit together seamlessly in the invention’s headers and footers.

The result is strength and energy efficiency as well as increased safety in the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes.

The GibbarWALL Stacked Panel System was used in the construction of a warehouse in Missouri. We stacked 8-foot panels to create an insulated, energy-efficient wall 32 feet high. We worked through the winter—pouring walls, tilting them up, and then stacking in place. The structure required no interior bracing. Panels were attached to the beams of the metal framework. The warehouse is able to efficiently control its temperature and energy costs with 30-R walls.

Solar Press used stacked GibbarWall Panels       Lifting in place and stacking.