GibbarWall Tilt-up panel system

Faster Construction;
Incomparable R-Values

GibbarWall Tilt-up Panel in actionThe GibbarWALL Tilt-up Panel System brings together insulation, structural reinforcement or metal studs, and concrete to produce an energy-efficient insulated tilt-up panel system.

Our tilt-up panel is completed in a single panel casting. No more coming back to frame and insulating the wall. It’s ready for utilities and sheetrock after the walls are “tilted” into place. The technology requires less concrete, less steel, and less labor.

Our technology provides an insulating barrier only dreamed of by traditional insulated concrete forms (ICF), wood framed, masonry, and steel building systems. Our R-values are unmatched by all EPS sandwich and non-sandwich panel wall systems presently on the market and yet retains strength and durability required for a safe concrete structure. The structural strength of the GibbarWALL Tilt-up Panel will support tremendous loads and give greater resistance to natural disasters.

Thermal Advantage

GibbarWALL Tilt-up Panels will substantially reduce energy costs— immediately. Studies in Mass Wall, Whole Wall research have proven this to be the most energy-efficient building system. (See Oak Ridge National Labs report on our Web site:

Solid EPS insulation develops higher insulation values, eliminates air infiltration, does not shrink over time, and is insect resistant. Our technology goes the extra mile by eliminating nearly all thermal bridging associated with conventional construction methods of steel, masonry, and wood-framed construction. GibbarWALL Tilt-up Panel R-values range from R-20 to R-33.


Supporting the Tilt-up PanelGibbarWALL Tilt-up Panels have a concrete surface on one side only. This surface can be installed facing either the inside or outside of the building. The other side of the panel is a surface of rigid EPS foam, which may have integrated metal studs that serve as an attachment mechanism for drywall, plywood, stone veneer, siding, etc. Stucco finishes can be applied directly to the foam without the need for studs. This reduces the overall panel cost. The lower cost, single wythe design can optionally be installed with the concrete surface facing the inside of the building to enhance the thermal efficiency, esthetics, or durability of the building’s interior. The insulated concrete surface improves the comfort of a room through its natural energy storing capability. All utilities are installed inside the panel, similar to a wood-framed wall.

Sound Transfer

Reduce the transmission of sound by using GibbarWALL Tilt-up Panels in walls, floors, and decks. Our insulated panels help you create quieter environments in movie theaters, business offices, medical centers, and multi-family structures.

Fire Safe

The GibbarWALL Tilt-up Panel System is designed for maximum fire protection. Our metal studs are mechanically locked into the concrete structure and are far less susceptible to failure in the event of fire.